Man Accused of Videotaping in Bathroom Stalls at UConn Library Due in Court

A man accused of videotaping unsuspecting women as they used the bathroom in the UConn Law School library is due in court today.

Yiyan Wang, 30, of Hartford, has been charged with 15 counts of voyeurism, one count of disorderly conduct and one count of attempt to commit voyeurism.

A woman who was using a unisex bathroom on the fourth floor of the Thomas J. Meskill Law Library on Elizabeth Street in Hartford contacted police and filed a complaint on May 13.

She said she was using the bathroom when someone in the stall next to her stuck an iPhone under the stall and took a picture or video of her.

According to the arrest warrant application, police identified Wang as a person of interest through surveillance video.

On July 6, police approached him and he initially denied the allegations, but eventually admitted that he recorded videos of females in the restroom, according to police.

Police seized Wang’s phone and laptop. On the phone, they discovered 13 videos of females undressing and using the toilet in the unisex bathroom in the law library, dated between June and July.

Police also found clips of a male and female having sexual intercourse. That video appeared to have been shot through a small opening and the couple did not seem to know they were being recorded, according to the application.

Police found similar video’s on Wang’s laptop. Some videos dated back to May 2013.

Wang turned himself in around 6 a.m. on Oct. 12 after learning of a warrant for his arrest.

He was held on a $250,000 bond, which was later reduced in court.

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