MassDOT Crews Get to Work as Snow Storm Arrives

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation is expecting it to take them a while to clean up after this winter storm.

At the rest stop along the Massachusetts Turnpike in Framingham, it's a night of hoping.

"Hopefully they can just keep up with the snow and it doesn't cause too many delays," one driver said.

The delays seem inevitable with what's heading our way.

"If you don't need to go anywhere, we really advise you to stay home," Highway Administrator for MassDOT Jonathan Gulliver said.

He says along with the snow, they are expecting sleet and freezing rain. These conditions will make traveling overnight Saturday and into Sunday morning tough.

More than a thousand plows and ice equipment have been deployed on roads across the state.

Crews will be coming to a massive salt pile in Weston throughout the night to load up and get back on the roads.

"If you're south of the Turnpike, we're expecting to have a flash freeze kind of situation that is especially difficult for our equipment to treat. We're going to be out there putting as much salt down as we can on the roadway right after the precipitation ends," Gulliver said.

At this rate, with the storm settling in overhead, all you can do is hope.

"I hope it goes away quickly afterwords... I'd love it if it fizzled out."

Gulliver says when it warms up Sunday for a short time, it doesn't mean it'll be safe to drive. He says the ground will stay cold and the ice will still be there.

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