McCourty and Edelman on Opposite Ends of Super Bowl Experience

Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman and cornerback Jason McCourty both entered the NFL in 2009, but their playoff experience is drastically different.

McCourty is enjoying his first postseason run, while Edelman has been a  playoff star dring his career.

Edelman spoke about how his preparation for the Super Bowl has changed now that he's getting ready for his fourth championship game.

"You get to focus more on football," Edelman said. "You get to refine your routine and it allows you to think about football and it allows you to think about the Los Angeles Rams."

McCourty, a 10-year NFL veteran, had never appeared in a playoff game until this first season as a Patriots player.

"This will be my fifth Super Bowl that I'm attending and this is the first time that I get to go inside."

McCourty and his brother Devin will make history as the first twins to ever appear in a Super Bowl. He was asked about the Patriots taking exception to the lack of respect they appear to be getting this season.

"Whenever you're doing something and you're having success at it and you're attaining a certain level of success, there's always going to be naysayers," McCourty said. "Now we're in the Super Bowl, there's not much more motivation you're going to get from any outside influence at this point."

Quarterback Tom Brady was scheduled to speak but was a no-show and is supposed to have a Saturday news conference.

The Pats will face the Los Angeles Rams on Feb. 3 in Super Bowl LIII. Their victory against the Kansas City Chiefs allowed them to advance to the highly anticipated coast vs. coast game.

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