Set to Sizzle: Warm Week Continues

Well, we're here. Temperatures overachieved thanks to full sun and a favorable wind (read: no sea breeze).

As Chicago once sang, "It's only the beginning".

Highs tomorrow soar to the mid and upper 80s with continued warming, while the heat reaches outrageous, record-breaking levels by Thursday under searing sunshine.

There's even a slight chance we could squeak out a heat wave in some locations (three straight days of 90 or better). Towns and cities out on Rt. 2 - Fitchburg, Leominster, Orange, Gardner - and perhaps Nashua and Pelham, New Hampshire have a real shot of making the grade, just as long as Friday upholds its end of the bargain.

A sharp front will cross by late day, allowing us to push 90 in some spots. While it won't be enough for records like Thursday, it still is a hot day. After the front passes the cooler air will flood in. We'll shrivel back to the mid-60s at the coast - and around 70 elsewhere - as the winds turn onshore for the weekend. This isn't a downer though. We're still standing tall with wall-to-wall sun both days.

Forecast confidence is sky high over the upcoming days, so make plans, slather on the sunscreen and dig out the beach chair!

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