Police Searching for Man Who Fled After Incident at Traffic Stop on I-395


Police are searching for the Massachusetts man who fled after an incident at a traffic stop on Interstate 395 in Thompson this morning.

The driver has been identified as Marcus Rose, of Worcester, police said. 

Rose was stopped near exit 99 going northbound on I-395 at 9:20 a.m. after he was seen speeding, according to police.

Police said a strong smell of marijuana emanated from his car and the 26-year-old was asked to exit the vehicle. Rose grabbed the steering wheel and began to drive away with the trooper still in the car, police said. 

The trooper was able to get out of Rose's car and then pursue him in his police cruiser. After Rose was clocked going over 120 mph, he took exit 50 to Wilsonville Road and police were not able to keep his car in sight. 

 Rose's car was located at a residence on Wilsonville Road in Thompson but police suspect the man left on foot through the woods. 

Connecticut State Police and Massachusetts's State Police are actively searching for Rose for further questioning. 

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