Storm Leads to Flight Delays and Cancellations at Logan

Hundreds of people traveling through Logan International Airport in Boston were impacted by the first snow storm of the season.

The storm began Thursday night and carried over into Friday morning, causing dozens of cancellations and delays.

It's causing quite the headache for people who were forced to wait out the storm in the airport. Some were forced to sleep on cots.

"My daughter is coming home for Thanksgiving day from the University of Miami, and her flight landed at 12:20 a.m. and it's now 2:10 a.m.," said Susan Burnat, who arrived at the airport Thursday night.

Burnat waited at Logan for her daughter to get off of the tarmac for almost two hours.

"They're not really explaining why, so there is no gate for them to come into, so we are just waiting," Burnat said.

"I called her up and you know, we are sitting on the tarmac," said Patrick Curran. "And they have no idea. They said 30 minutes maybe a little longer."

Customers like Curran and Christina McCormick both waited for hours as their spouses sat on the tarmac as well.

"Drove almost two hours to get here and with the weather, and so still waiting and haven't been told any information," McCormick said.

Luckily, the wait for Burnat and her daughter finally came to an end.

"They wouldn't really tell us when we were getting off, so it was very frustrating," Burnat's daughter said. "And I wanted to go home and see these people. So yeah."

Now the mother and daughter can finally look forward to celebrating Thanksgiving together.

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