’Hallow-Yes’: Tom Brady Breaks Into His Kids’ Halloween Candy Stash

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Tom Brady usually sticks to a pretty strict diet, but come Halloween time, he just can't help himself.

The New England Patriots quarterback took to Facebook on Thursday and admitted he gets sticky fingers when his kids bring home their Halloween candy.

"Every Halloween, I go to my 'special place' when I break into the kids' UnReal Candy," he captioned a video.

So what does Tom Brady's "special place" look like? While some of us might hope it's sexy and cool and perhaps shirtless, in reality, it's a slow motion video of him nomming down on GMO-free chocolate from Whole Foods...yes, it's just as awkward as it sounds.

Tom Brady and Gisele Bndchen: Romance Rewind

The video proceeds to explain just why Brady enjoys the "smooth and delicious" candy so much, which has "less sugar" that makes him say "Hallow-yes!"

It concludes with him shoving about a dozen of the packages into his duffle bag before heading off to practice with the slogan, "Eat candy responsibly."

He returned for his first game on Sunday afternoon, taking on the Cleveland Browns while a few familiar faces appeared to be supporting him from home. His wife Gisele Bndchen decided to watch on television with their daughter Vivian and share her support on social media.

"Go Pats!!!" she wrote on Instagram while Vivian and a family friend threw up the touchdown sign while dressed as Elsa from Disney's Frozen.

But while the little one might be a fan of her dad stealing points for the Patriots, we're not so sure how she'd feel about him stealing her Halloween candy.

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