Where's the Snow?

Forecasting the future isn't a pretty business sometimes. This storm was a humbling lesson in the irregularities of spring weather. Dry air pockets, snow bands that don't materialize, slight jogs in the track, and fickle weather models all can conspire to doom a forecast.

We're still seeing snow bands (albeit weaker ones) rotate in from the storm into the morning. Many of these bands will turn to nuisance snow as the sun comes up (late March sun angle makes THAT much of a difference). Slippery travel is still expected in some spots through the morning commute, but cancellations/delays will be at a minimum.

We're still not out of the woods with the coastal flooding. When combined with a 3 a.m. high tide, the combination of high water and building waves offshore to 15 to 20 feet will likely bring minor coastal flooding two hours either side of high tide, particularly in vulnerable South Shore locations.

Lingering light snow will break apart into snow showers Thursday morning, leaving flurries and sprinkles with raw air for the rest of the day. Peeks of sun are also possible in the afternoon.

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Plenty of wind - and a few more snow showers into the weekend. It's the same-ol' same ol' pattern in the short term, but later next week we're seeing some semblance of moderation as the 50s take over for a spell. Viva spring!

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