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Girl Suspended for Supporting Breast Cancer With Pink Hair



    Girl suspended for supporting breast cancer with pink hair

    Belton Middle School suspended Rheanna Sargent for breaking the school's dress code policy (Published Friday, Jan. 17, 2014)

    (NECN/WYFF: Parul Joshi) - A South Carolina mother says her daughter was punished at school because of the color of her hair.

    Denise Sargent says she and her daughter, Rheanne, dyed parts of their hair pink to support National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and to honor those who have fought the disease.

    "The fact that I'd be representing my mother and my grandmother, my other grandmother and whoever else my mom knows who had it," Rheanne said.
    According to Sargent, that didn't go over well with Belton Middle School.

    Rheanne says the assistant principal told her she could go home or go to in-school suspension because she was breaking the rules.

    Belton Middle School's dress code policy does say non-human hair color will not be permitted.

    "I do believe if the child wants to be an individual and show that they're supporting something that's killing thousands of women, I believe, yeah, they should make an exception. They should change the rule," Denise Sargent said.

    Rheanne said she tried calling her mom, but didn't get in touch with her, so she spent the day in ISS.