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Worcester, Mass. Man Becoming King of Igloos With Club Ice



    Michael Kozlowski has built a 12-by-20 foot igloo, complete with a television and a couch (Published Friday, Jan. 17, 2014)

    (NECN: Mike Cronin) - A Worcester, Mass. man is becoming the king of igloos. His latest creation is tricked out with a television and a couch.

    For many, it's an unpleasant winter sound but not for Michael Kozlowski.

    “This is a snow cave, which I call club ice,” says Kozlowski began constructing the 12-by-20 foot igloo in November. It even has a wooden roof to prevent a collapse.

    “Because wood can't melt so it's a really good solution.”

    The outside is certainly eye catching, but the inside makes club ice one of the coolest spots in Worcester.

    “So all we do is click it on to full power and you throw your hands right in front of there,” says Kozlowski who has all the amenities to make his snowy man cave warm and cozy. “I try to make it feel as homey as possible so it just doesn't feel like you're in a cold dark igloo.”

    Kozlowski says he's used 54,000 gallons of water and a snow gun to make most of the igloo. The recent blizzard helped him out. Kozlowski snowblowed his backyard.

    “It's a lot cheaper than making so, so I'll take it any day.”

    This is the fourth igloo Kozlowski has built. The Worcester State University communication major sees it as a productive activity during the cold winter months.

    “It’s a really good physical workout and it tests your creative capacity, so it teaches you to be creative in different ways too when you're working on it.”

    Kozlowski is hoping to set a Guinness World Record. He says won't be able to break the record for biggest igloo, but he wants to create a new category: snow cave. Kozlowski recognizes some may think he's crazy and has too much time on his hands, but that's not how he sees it.

    “Don't rush through life, don't be too busy, take a step back and do something creative that you find interesting and fun.”