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Church Gets 666 Bill



    Church in Missouri asked city hall if it could pay more than the asked amount to get rid of the number (Published Friday, Jan. 17, 2014)

    (NECN/KSHB: John Batten, Kearney City, Mo.) - You don't often hear of anyone asking to pay more to a government agency, but a church in Kearney, Mo. did just that.

    At Kearney City Hall, they couldn't believe it when they first saw the number.

    "Called my community development director and said hey check this out! And he said add that up again!," said Chad Coffelt, building inspector.

    They did the math several times to make sure, but there was no mistake. the bill was correct.

    "It's just what it ended up coming out to be," said Coffelt.

    At Crossroads Community Church, they just wanted to build a little addition to the church.

    "The permit came in an email attachment and that's when I saw the amount," said Brett Toole, Crossroads Community Church.

    When they saw the bill for the permit fee, it was a revelation and well, more they they could bear.

    "I had to explain it to some people, but there were some that go it right away understood the biblical numerology an how that was not a great number for a church," said Toole.

    The church's bill totaled exactly $666 and that's when city hall got an unusual request.

    "Could we pay an extra dollar and get us off of that 666 number?," said Toole.

    "That's the first time I've ever had anybody ask that," said Coffelt.

    Everyone agrees it was all good for a laugh.

    Still, everyone feels a little better now that 'that' number's been changed.