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Nasser Wedaddy: We Saw Souls Murdered But Also Lives Saved



    Nasser Wedaddy: We saw souls murdered but also lives saved

    Chair of New England Interfaith Council saluted those who ran toward victims, those who gave blood and law enforcement (Published Sunday, Jan. 26, 2014)

    (NECN) – Chair of the New England Interfaith Council and Civil Rights Outreach Director of the American Islamic Congress, Nasser S. Wedaddy, spoke of his personal experience in Damascus when a car bomb exploded on his way from school. He spoke of the anger and fear that returned on Marathon Monday.

    "We’re gathered together to mourn the loss of life in a criminal attack in our community, what happened on Monday has shocked and horrified us but it has also brought us together."

    Wedaddy recalled scripture that says, that whoever kills a soul it is as if he killed mankind entirely. And whoever saves a life, it as if he saved all of mankind.

    "On Boylston Street on Monday afternoon, we saw souls murdered but also lives saved."

    Wedaddy said we all have service to perform, and indeed we are all moved by the thousands of people who stepped forward in a moment of tragedy and confusion to serve.

    "I want to salute everyone who ran towards the victims despite risk to themselves, everyone who gave blood, everyone who volunteered for shelter for runners, I want to salute the members of law enforcement who are protecting us as we speak and to thank the people around the world who are sending messages of hope and solidarity."

    Wedaddy closed with, "We know instinctively that we must rise to the occasion and act because of our common humanity. That is what makes us Americans, one nation under God."