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Residents, Businesses Return to Boylston Street



    Residents, businesses return to Boylston Street

    City officials allowing those who live and work on Boylston Street to return for first time since Marathon bombings (Published Sunday, Jan. 26, 2014)

    (NECN: John Moroney, Boston) – It's a busy day along Boylston Street Tuesday. The FBI officially returned control of the street back to Boston on Monday.

    On Tuesday, city officials allowed those who live and work there to return for the first time since the bombing attacks.

    It's a ‘staggered’ schedule for businesses and residents to begin returning to Boylston Street. Residents have begun the process of returning.

    It's being broken down by street.

    At 10:00 am - businesses and residents between Hereford and Gloucester should arrive at Hynes.

    At 11:00 am - the block between Gloucester and Fairfield should return

    At noon - the block between Dartmouth and Clarendon should return

    At 1:00 pm - the block between Clarendon and Berkeley should return

    At 2:00 pm - the block between Exeter and Dartmouth should return

    At 3:00 pm - the block between Fairfield and Exeter should return

    Keep in mind the street remains closed to traffic and the general public.

    Watch attached video for more.