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Should Middle Schoolers Take Drug Tests?



    Some pre-teens being forced to provide urine samples for school sports, clubs (Published Friday, Jan. 17, 2014)

    (NECN) - Drug testing among athletes continues to change. Professionals, college students, and even some high schoolers are now required to submit urine samples to prove they are drug-free.

    But what about middle schoolers?

    Should pre-teens be forced to take drug tests to participate in school clubs and sports?

    Diana Cutaia, Director of Athletics and Sports Based Initiatives at Wheelock College, stopped by "The Morning Show" to discuss this controversial topic.

    She shared the following points:

    Research states that drug testing is not a deterrent for drug use, so if you want to prevent drug use, adding a mandatory test will not fix this. They'll find a way to still do it before getting tested. Random drug testing would be different and more effective.

    The culture that we've created around youth sports is going to be more of a driver to push kids to excel and succeed.

    We're looking for the kids who are doing things wrong, but not creating more deterrents to help them and assist them.

    Watch the attached video to catch the entire discussion.