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Three Still Missing From San Bruno Gas Explosion Fire



    (NECN) - Three people are still missing a week after a gas explosion killed four in San Bruno, California.

    We're still learning more about the dangerous conditions of that pipeline. Documents from Pacific Gas and Electric show the company made plans to replace a section of that pipe closer to San Francisco because of its age and condition.

    PG&E got the money for the work through rate increases, but according to one watchdog group, never put it towards construction. They instead used it for what they called "higher priority work."

    "You can't track the dollars one by one, but we do know that they spent $62 million more on management incentive bonuses than they had forecasted in 2009," said Mike Florio.

    That watchdog group claims PG&E are now seeking another rate increase to replace that same stretch of pipeline.

    The company says it has not even fully finished inspecting all of its high risk lines.