Head of TSA to Testify Before Senate Over Full Body Scanners - NECN

Head of TSA to Testify Before Senate Over Full Body Scanners



    (NECN/CNN) - Today the head of the TSA John Pistole will testify before a Senate committee. He's expected face questions on the latest controversy over full body scans and enhanced pat-downs in place at airports.

    Just days before millions of Americans will take to the skies for thanksgiving travel, concerns over enhanced airport security screenings are reaching a fever pitch.

    Critics are worried about radiation exposure in the full body scans, and call the scans and pat-downs invasive and intrusive.

    A woman from Ohio has is claiming she was sexually assaulted during a pat-down at Dayton International Airport Friday.

    "She went all the way up my legs, up my inner thighs, all along my inner thighs until she reached my genital area, touched both sides," said Erin Chase, accusing the TSA of sexual assault.

    Even the Hudson River hero pilot Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger is opposed to some of the procedures.

    "Many pilots are already armed as deputized and trained flight deck officers to defend the cockpit," he said. "And so really it's a waste of our limited resources to put airline pilots who are trusted partners in this through this screening."

    But TSA head John Pistole told a Senate committee yesterday the agency has no plans to change its security procedures.

    "Those security officers there are there to work with you, to ensure that everybody on that flight has been properly screened," said Pistole. "Everybody wants that assurance."

    The TSA insists the screenings are safe and necessary, following recent airline terrorism attempts.