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Middle School Guidance Counselor Faces Sexual Assault Charges



    Middle School Guidance Counselor Faces Sexual Assault Charges

    (NECN: Josh Brogadir, North Attleboro, Mass.) - A North Attleboro, Massachusetts middle school guidance counselor faced a judge Tuesday after being accused of having a sexual relationship with a 14-year-old student.

    Police were first alerted that Brian McBride was allegedly sending sexually explicit texts to a former student, but when they investigated further, they learned she was not the only alleged victim.

    The father of a 14-year-old girl, in court, beside himself when seeing 31-year-old Brian McBride, the North Attleboro Middle School guidance counselor and chorus teacher who is charged with having sex with his daughter and with exchanging lewd text messages with another student.

    "I work in the schools, so this is horrifying," said Barbara Collins, who is a special education administrator at a different school in the district.

    Shock waves sent throughout the North Attleboro district and in McBride's Attleboro neighborhood, where he lives with his wife and young child.

    Cindy Debronzo lives next door. She says McBride gave her daughter voice lessons in his house.

    "Shocked. You know she could not believe it and didn't believe it. She says it can't be true. That's not like him. You know, you never know," Debronzo said.

    Prosecutors charged McBride with statutory rape and say he admitted to having sex with the girl.

    They say he abused his position as a counselor and a chorus teacher to take advantage of the 14 year old in the music room, in his car at the mall and at his home.

    "He did state that he had done this because he was having current marital problems and he described what he called a seven year itch," Bristol County Assistant District Attorney Melissa Tafe said.

    McBride taught this now-18-year-old chorus several years ago. The teenager requested anonymity.

    "That's sick dude, absolutely. If I knew about that when I was in sixth grade I, that's just wrong," he trailed off.

    The superintendent said while the community begins to heal, "...the teacher in question has been notified of his termination. We will not tolerate egregious acts against innocent children."

    As a mandatory reporter, McBride faces 10 years in jail, if convicted.

    Prosecutors requested $50,000 bail. It has been set at $30,000 cash.

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