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6-Year-Old Saves Grandfather

Jacey Montague of Alton, New Hampshire, is being called a hero after she ran home and called 911 when a tree fell on her grandfather.



    (Published Tuesday, Oct. 7, 2014)

    A six-year-old New Hampshire girl is being called a hero for saving her grandfather's life on Sunday.

    The 59-year-old Alton man was knocked unconscious by a falling tree and his family says he is now fighting for his life at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center. First responders say the only reason the man is alive, is the quick thinking of his granddaughter, Jacey.

    While her mom and dad went on a date, Jacey and her grandfather went for a walk in the woods.

    "I'll show you," she said, taking NECN crews on the same trail where she was with her grandfather Sunday around 6 p.m.

    She says her grandfather, who she calls, "Papa," put his hands around a tree and shook it, causing it to come crashing down on top of him.
    Jacey says she knew right away something was wrong.

    "I talked to him and he didn't talk to me," Jacey explained.

    "Jacey said he didn't run fast enough out of the way," explained Jacey's mom, Colleen Teeter.

    Jacey ran across the street, into her house, and dialed 911.

    "I said, 'I need help,'" Jacey said. "I told them a tree fell on my grandfather."

    She then stood by the woods to flag down first responders.

    "She did everything she could do to make sure he was alright," said Alton Fire Captain Michael Viscariello who was among the first on scene.

    He says there is no question that Jacey saved her grandfather's life.

    "He would have passed there in the woods if nobody had known he was out there," Viscariello said.

    Colleen Teeter says her father has a broken neck, hip, and pelvis, and a ruptured bladder. She says he's already been through two emergency surgeries and is now in a medically induced coma.

    "I am so thankful he wasn't alone," Teeter said. "I am thankful that she wasn't hurt because if it fell on her, she probably wouldn't be here today."

    Teeter is beaming with pride over her daughter's actions, but says she can't take the credit.

    "My dad taught her how to use a phone when she was like three or four," Teeter said.

    Teeter says Jacey is her father's onlygrandchild, and that they do everything together.

    Jacey showed NECN pictures of her fishing and playing the guitar with her Papa.

    Now, she says she is just waiting for him to come home.

    "I will let him rest and give him a little hug," Jacey said.

    Teeter says her dad has another surgery schedule for Friday and that until then he will remain heavily sedated and on a ventilator.

    As for Jacey, the Alton Fire Department plans to honor the six year old for her bravery at a special ceremony next week.