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Raunchy Chat Probe Prompts Police Investigation

Police Investigate Sexting Scandal in Plainfield

(Published Thursday, Oct. 22, 2015)

Plainfield police have launched an investigation into an inappropriate video and said it stems from a Plainfield High School investigation into a raunchy group chat among members of the varsity football who shared sexually explicit photos and videos.

It was not immediately clear if this investigation is actually connected to any member of the football team.

School officials conducted the initial investigation after learning of a group chat between some football players that evolved from a discussion of football to one that contained a variety of topics, some of which were inappropriate.

Parents said that chat included naked pictures of underage girls, as well as pictures of a team member exposing himself and copies of their own sexual videos.

At the time, school officials reached out to police only for advice, then decided to bar the team from their Friday night game.

Police said they gave administrators information about laws on minors possessing or transmitting pornography after high school administrators reached out to them on Tuesday about what they believed to be inappropriate content that some students were distributing.

At the time, police did not know the exact content and no one had come forward with information, so they provided only guidance.

However, police met with the superintendent and principal on Thursday and learned that school officials discovered a separate incident while investigating the first one and this one warrants a police investigation.

Students say the news went around school very fast, and that they are glad the police are involved.

"It's really disgusting I don't agree with it at all, I don believe there should be a punishment. I think charges should be pressed," said sophomore Zachary Gifford. 

Police said only that the content of the video might be inappropriate, depending on the age and knowledge of those persons involved.

"We took appropriate action within the context of what we were able to learn. As a school, we addressed matters with each and every student and his or her parent. And we took collective action to forfeit the football game. We hope our efforts respectfully helped each student understand the responsibility related to social media,” Supt. Kenneth Di Pietro said in a statement:

Because of the ages of the people involved, police are not releasing any additional information.