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Blizzard Pummels Connecticut



    (NECN: Brian Burnell, Hartford, Conn.) - It started in the dark, moving in while most of Connecticut slept.  Before dawn up to a foot of snow had piled up across the state.  More than that in Fairfield County where it started coming down first.  Or did it?

    "It's not really snowing.  It just looks like it."

    Despite that gentleman's delusions this storm is no figment of the imagination.  Need proof?  When was the last time you needed to shovel, plow or blower a figment?  The heavy snow made travel difficult to say the least.  The governor declared a civil preparedness emergency on Tuesday so state offices were closed.  Many private business followed suit so traffic was minimal.  Good thing because drivers who did go out were having a time of it.  The state police responded to more than 500 incidents on the highways though only about 30 were actually accidents.  The rest were stranded vehicles and the like.  

    Ethan Halliwell, Middletown, CT: "Plows are doing their best to keep ahead of it but there are a lot of spots where you can get stuck.  There's a lot of folks stuck on the highway.  18-wheelers seem to be having a real rough time of it."

    Public transportation was no answer because city buses were also having a tough time of it.  18 wheels, 4 or two... it just was not an easy day.

    Gustavo Rodriguez, Hartford, CT: "Why the bike in the middle of the biggest snowstorm we've had in a year?  Because I like riding it and it drifts. It goes sideways and I control it. Can you show me that? Can you do it here or do you have to be on a hill?  No, its just too much snow."

    Too much snow to drift.  That's cold.  

    With the snow comes a lot of work.  These folks expect to be out here again later on shoveling more snow.  Figured they better get out here and get into it soon.  And as for the owner of this car, I don't know.  If it were me I think I'd leave it for spring."

    Spring.  Just 67 days away.