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Worcester, Mass. Triple Decker Demolished After Roof Collapse



    Worcester, Mass. Triple Decker Demolished After Roof Collapse

    (NECN: Alysha Palumbo, Worcester, Mass.) - Crews in Worcester, Mass. demolished an abandoned triple decker Wednesday after being deemed too unstable when its roof collapsed from the weight of snow and ice.

    The triple decker, which was located on Eastern Avenue, was torn down by a 90-foot crane, which took it apart piece by piece carefully to avoid damage to any of the surrounding properties.

    Officials say it was fairly easy for the roof of the vacant building to cave in from the snow and ice.

    Several residents who live near by say they're surprised how quickly the decision was made to tear it down.

    "I came out to the car this morning and I heard 'creak, creak,' and I was outside with the boy next door and said 'What is that?' He said 'That's the gutter falling,' and I said, 'I think it's more than the gutter, so let me get the car right out of there,' and I did," neighbor Jill Corso said.

    "I was scared for the people next to us and us, but mostly them because it was leaning that way and I was just scared that they were going to get hurt," 10-year-old Arianna Desiderio said.

    "It got under control and everything. It's pretty safe now. They kind of tore it down to where they feel it's safe enough so that it's not going to affect any of the houses that are next to it," Worcester DPW Equipment Operator Johnny Monserrate said.

    The bank-owned property will be completely torn down, and Worcester officials say they'll be sending the bank the bill for the demolition.

    Officials say the most important lesson for homeowners to take away from this is to remove snow and ice from flat and low-pitched roofs as soon as possible.