Tea Party Activists Descend on D.C. - NECN

Tea Party Activists Descend on D.C.



    (NECN/CNN) - As the midterm elections get closer, activists with the Tea Party try to get more vocal. Today they're holding big a rally on Washington, D.C. for the second year in a row.

    People like Ohio woman Gina Bell say they were never very political before. But she says that she felt more energized after the 2008 elections, and wanted to get involved with a special cause. Bell started hearing about Tea Party causes, and now she's a Tea Party leader in Cincinnati. She is traveling with others for their march on the nation's capitol today.

    "I think there's a lot of political power in this decentralized movement," she says, "and you don't need a lot of money and you don't need the endorsement of the national party because if you're on the ground, getting out the vote, talking to your neighbors that results in victories."

    Matt Kibbe, president of Freedomworks, a conservative think tank, is helping to plan the rally. He says, "9-12 last year was kind of a coming out party. it was the first time everybody got for together in one place at one time. This year the movement is far move sophisticated, far more developed and it's probably 10-fold bigger."