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Christie Files in New Hampshire, Discusses Drop From Debate



    Christie Files in N.H., Discusses Drop From Debate

    When the New Jersey governor filed his paperwork to run in the New Hampshire primary Friday, he said he is not concerned by the national polls that relegated him to the undercard debate. (Published Friday, Nov. 6, 2015)

    Chris Christie filed his paperwork to run in the New Hampshire primary Friday, expressing to reporters how it felt.

    "For anybody who's ever given any thought to running for president, this is the moment you think about," he said.

    This was Christie's 45th day campaigning in the first-in-the-nation primary state - one of two places, Christie says along with Iowa, the first caucus state, that really matter.

    "I would say to you, 'listen, anybody who doesn't do well in either Iowa or New Hampshire, in this group of candidates, is going home,'" he said.

    Christie is polling in fifth place in New Hampshire, but nationally, is at the bottom of the pack - which is why he has been bumped off the main stage for the next Republican televised debate Tuesday night.

    "It doesn't mean a whole lot of anything. A national poll that is one snapshot in time means nothing to me," said Christie. "I've never had difficulty making an impression. I'll make an impression on Tuesday night, too, just like I have in the first three debates."

    The governor was asked what he would be doing to improve his standing in the polls.

    "My numbers here in New Hampshire have quadrupled since the last debate," he said. "So I don't think I have to do anything different. I just think I have to do more of it."

    The Christie campaign has been promoting a clip of Christie speaking about addiction at a town hall in New Hampshire that has gone viral on Facebook with almost 7 million views.

    "My mother was a smoker," Christie said in the video. "She smoked her whole life. She was addicted to nicotine."

    Christie referenced the video as he mentioned the fickle nature of New Hampshire voters in these last months leading up to the primary.

    "To the extent that any of them are expressing a preference for Donald now - that could change next week," he said. "And we've seen a change over the course of time."

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