Broadside: Murphy's Court

(NECN) - A family feud is playing out in a New Jersey courtroom.

The dispute is every parent's nightmare, but attorney Wendy Murphy says the 18-year-old girl suing her parents does have a legal case.

"It does scare me because I think teenagerhood is a tough time and my kids have two lawyers who are parents and they know a little too much ... But the reason why kids can sue at age 18, you can't sue if you're not 18 because kids really don't have the right to sue until they reach majority, but there are lots of good reasons why you want kids to be able to sue their parents," she says.

A week ago, Boston Mayor Marty Walsh had hopes of working out a truce in the dispute over the South Boston St. Patrick's Day Parade.

Murphy says there could have been a lot of reasons for talks breaking down between the parade organizers and the gay rights group MassEquality.

"We have to remember that no matter how you feel about gay rights and gay people and so forth, the message is protected under the Constitution. If you have a right to present a message, you have the right not to let other people trounce your message with something contrary," she says.

Murphy also discusses the decision made by Massachusetts' highest court regarding "upskirting" and the effort lawmakers put forth Thursday to make it illegal.

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