Biden Meets With Warren Amid Presidential Run Rumors

Rumors of a possible Joe Biden Presidential run have been circulating for weeks; but now, some concrete evidence that the Vice President is seriously considering a bid- a private lunch meeting Saturday with Senator Elizabeth Warren, widely seen as the leader of the all important liberal wing of the Democratic Party.

New Hampshire radio host and Democratic Political Analyst Arnie Arnesen says Elizabeth Warren is the country's most powerful Democrat these days and that the Biden/Warren meeting has confirmed how strongly Warren's anti Wall Street, pro Middle Class message is resonating with voters - voters Biden sees as critical to his potential path to victory.

Just two days before the Biden meeting, necn asked Senator Warren why she had not already gotten behind a Democratic Candidate.

Warren said, "You know, it's always the issues that have mattered to me. This is why I ran for the Senate. This is what I want to see all the candidates do."

Hillary Clinton still has a huge fan club in New Hampshire. The problem for her is that being a huge fan doesn't necessarily translate into rock solid Presidential support.

"Currently, I'm for Hillary, but I'm not sure if he decides to run, where I'm going to be," said Rita Calkins of Concord.

"I think Democrats would be really excited to have an alternative to Bernie and Hillary. To be honest, Hillary doesn't really excite me," Anna Beauregard of Chichester added.

"I hope he does get in the race. I'm really worried about Hillary Clinton. I think she's not going to do very well in the end because of scandals," Bob Zinnes of Merrimack said.

And for those who say President Bill Clinton was able to survive - even thrive after his scandals... Arnie Arnesen has a caveat, she said, "Let me remind everyone that Gennifer Flowers and Monica Lewsinsky was about sex. This isn't about sex - this is about exercising judgement as Secretary of State." 

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