Graham Destroys Phone in Response to Trump's Comments

Graham created a video showing him destroying his old flip phone in a multitude of different ways.

Why would South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham create a youtube video of himself destroying his cell phone?

It all started a few days ago when Graham, a Presidential Candidate, called Republican frontrunner Donald Trump a "jackass" for saying that POW John McCain, one of Graham's closest friends in the Senate, is not a war hero.

The next day, from a South Carolina campaign event, Trump gave out Graham's private cellphone number.

So Graham took advantage of the opportunity to get a little publicity for his own campaign which is struggling, according to the polls in the low single digits.

First he sent out a tweet saying, "Probably getting a new phone. iPhone or Android?

Then he created a video showing him destroying his old flip phone in a multitude of different ways.

It closes out with Graham saying, "This ones for the Veterans."

Just how much mileage Graham will get out of all this remains to be seen, but some worry all the Trump-generated antics are taking away from the serious debate that should be happening among the candidates including John Kasich who just announced Tuesday then flew to New Hampshire for a Town Hall in Greenland.

Kasich, the popular, centrist Governor of Ohio who led the House budget committee in Congress during the Clinton years does not make the cut to appear in the first Republican televised debate on August 6th, in Ohio - since he is not in the top ten according to the polls.

When asked how he feels about potentially being left off the debate stage, Kasich said "It's too early to draw conclusions about who's on or who's not. I wouldn't worry about that."

As for his thoughts on Donald Trump, who is polling at number one in the polls, Kasich said "I don't think about that."

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