Lynch's Analysis of U.S. Response in Iraq

U.S. Congressman Stephen Lynch weighs in on the potential political conflict

President Obama spoke late Monday afternoon urging the newly selected prime minister of Iraq to form a government that can stabilize the country.

But a big question remains: Will Iraq's current prime minister give up his power?

Meanwhile, the U.S. is offering more humanitarian aid to Iraqis and weapons to Kurdish fighters battling Sunni militants known as ISIS.

Bay State's U.S. Congressman Stephen Lynch said it's a good sign that Shiite members of the government are backing the new prime minister, Haider al-Ibad.

"It gives al-Ibad the opportunity to bring in some moderate Sunni, some of the Kurdish ministers and also these Shia who have come over as well," he said. "He has 30 days to create a government, but it looks like with that many ministers coming over from the Shia side, he already has enough people to do that."

Lynch says the answer to this complex problem has to start with Iraqis, adding that Shiites and the Kurdish haven't cooperated in the past.

"Although they're fighting a common enemy, they have not worked together, so I think it will take new leadership to bring people together," he said. 

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