Shaheen Campaigns to Put Woman on $20 Bill

There have been a lot of changes to US currency over the years, but never has a woman been represented on a paper bill.

A grassroots campaign fighting for a woman's place on the money, has turned into real legislation, introduced by Democratic U.S. Sen. Jeanne Shaheen.

"I think it is long overdue," Shaheen said in an interview on Thursday.

Shaheen introduced a bill Tuesday that would replace Andrew Jackson's face with the likeness of a woman who's shaped our country's history.

"Sometimes we have to take extra action to recognize minority groups that have made difference in our country," said Terie Norelli, who is the president of the New Hampshire Women's Foundation.

It started as a grassroots campaign called, "Women on 20s," a website that allows people to vote for who they'd like to see on the $20 bill.

"Our currency should reflect what America is, not just white males," said Portsmouth resident Brent Schmitt.

"We work just as hard as guys," said Portsmouth resident Emma Donohoe. "I feel like we should be on the money."

But exactly who should be on the money?

That question has a lot of people talking.

"Madeleine Albright," suggested Wellesley College graduate Christine Nichols.

Rye resident Michael Rand says, "Rosa Parks, hands down."

Senator Shaheen says American currency is re-designed every seven to 10 years, and that the $20 bill is due.

So, she says taxpayer cost would be minimal. Still, it's enough to rub some people the wrong way.

"I am not quite sure it's a good idea to change any of our currency," said Greenland resident Betsy Hanson.

For others, seeing a woman on our money would be priceless.

"Especially little girls, they should grow up with the thought that you can be anyone, anyone you want to be," said Portsmouth resident Jan Fonseka.

Shaheen wants to see a woman on this bill by 2020, just in time to celebrate 100 years since women earned the right to vote. A spokesperson for Republican Sen. Kelly Ayotte says this bill deserves careful consideration.

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