Boston Bruins Players Hopeful Fans Will Come Back

(NECN/CSN: Jess Moran, Burlington, Mass.) – Boston Bruins players are already getting back out on the ice, albeit at an unofficial practice Monday. The team is welcoming this weekend's news of the lockout ending.

Hockey is back, finally! A deal between the league and the NHLPA was reached Sunday, but still needs to be ratified, which is likely to happen on Wednesday.

Several Bruins who are in New England took to the ice at Boston University. There’s no word on when they will actually start playing, just yet, but reports say it will be either January 15 or 19. Regardless, these guys are happy to be back where they belong and hope the fans will also return.

You know, I tried to stay optimistic. You know there were a couple nights there where I’d get a couple calls and text messages saying ‘pack your bags,’ and then I’d wake up the next morning and they’d say false alarm. So that got a little annoying at the time, but obviously I think it paid off in the end. Obviously we missed some games and hopefully all the fans still come back but I’m happy to move on now,” says Bruins forward Tyler Seguin.

“You know obviously we have to apologize for another lockout but you know at the same time, we obviously appreciate everyone’s support throughout this time and we’re very excited to get back and play in front of everyone and hopefully we can put on a good show for them again,” says Bruins forward Brad Marchand.

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