Tom Brady Posts Photo on Facebook of Him High Fiving Robert Kraft

The Patriots quarterback posted a photo-shopped image of him high fiving owner Robert Kraft on his Facebook page


A week after drawing attention for posting his resume on Facebook, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is at it again.

On Tuesday, Brady posted a photo-shopped image showing him high fiving Patriots owner Robert Kraft on his Facebook page with the caption, "Not cool, Mark! Mr. Kraft, I know how you feel."

The post was a reference to the now-famous "missed high five" between Kraft and actor Mark Wahlberg. At one point during Sunday's Patriots-Raiders game, television cameras captured Kraft attempting to high five Wahlberg, who was sitting in the owner's box. Without meaning to, Wahlberg left Kraft hanging, hand in mid-air.

As with Brady's resume post, people seem to be getting a kick out of the quarterback's sense of humor.

"LOL. Whoever is running Tom's page is killin' it," said one Facebook commenter.

For the record, Wahlberg reportedly did give Kraft a high five on Sunday when the cameras were no longer on him.

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