• Maine August 4, 2021 3:05 pm

    Some Portland Restaurants Begin Requiring Vaccines for Indoor Dining

    Several Portland, Maine, restaurants have decided to only allow people who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 to eat in their dining rooms. The Portland Hunt and Alpine Club, Crown Jewel and Little Giant have all recently said that anyone who eats at their establishments indoors must have received the shots. Ian Malin, the owner of Little Giant, said a recent…

  • Maine August 3, 2021 8:55 pm

    Portland Restaurant Harassed After Putting in Vaccine Requirement

    Portland, Maine, eateries are getting pushback from patrons after requiring them to show proof of vaccination in order to be served.

  • coronavirus December 8, 2020 9:08 am

    Restaurants Concerned About Potential Coronavirus Restrictions

    Restaurant owner Laurette Ndukwe said her Caribbean-Mediterranean fusion restaurant in Framingham is struggling. Ndukwe is fearful more state restrictions — such as curtailing operating hours even more than they have been — could be leveled against restaurants as coronavirus cases continue to spike in Massachusetts.

  • coronavirus December 7, 2020 10:20 am

    The Uncertain Future of Indoor Dining in Massachusetts

    The fate of indoor dining in Massachusetts has become a hot topic of conversation as the weather changes and outdoor dining options become more limited. But Gov. Charlie Baker has said the dining rooms will be serving — for now. “At this time, the commonwealth is not planning any additional closures or restrictions,” he said last week. The New York…

  • Massachusetts December 7, 2020 10:22 am

    Indoor Dining Safety at Issue as Coronavirus Cases Climb

    Dr. Daniel Kuritzkes of Brigham and Women’s Hospital warns that there is a bigger risk of the coronavirus spreading among those you sit down to eat with at a restaurant as opposed to spreading from table to table.

  • New York City December 2, 2020 1:59 am

    NYC Hotel Replaces Beds With Tables, Turning Vacancy Into Private Dining Experience

    One of the best tables in the house at a New York City restaurant is also a hotel room. Amid strict rules for indoor dining and smaller number of travelers due to the pandemic, Le Crocodile, a French restaurant at the Wythe Hotel in Williamsburg, has created a totally private restaurant experience inside an empty hotel room to make up...

  • coronavirus November 24, 2020 9:13 am

    Debate Over Possible Plan to Halt Indoor Dining in Cambridge

    Cambridge officials are discussing whether or not indoor dining should be stopped as the pandemic worsens.

  • shutdown November 24, 2020 10:55 am

    Cambridge Considers Shutting Down Indoor Dining, Wants Others to Do the Same

    Cambridge city officials are considering rolling back reopening measures including indoor dining — and asking other Boston-area communities to do the same — amid a spike in coronavirus cases across the state. During a Monday night meeting, the Cambridge City Council gave the city manager the authority to enter into discussions with the Metro Mayor’s Association to come up with…

  • coronavirus November 14, 2020 7:37 pm

    Risky Behaviors on the Rise in Mass. Since 1st Wave of COVID, Survey Finds

    People in Massachusetts say they are more often gathering with people in enclosed spaces and doing other things tied to spreading the new coronavirus, according to a report released by researchers Friday, amid a COVID-19 surge in the state and across the country. Researchers at multiple institutions, including Northeastern University and Harvard Medical School, surveyed nearly 200,000 people across the…

  • Boston November 4, 2020 2:17 pm

    Walsh Gives COVID Update Ahead of Stay-at-Home Advisory, Mask Order, Restaurant Curfew

    Mayor Marty Walsh said Wednesday that Boston’s COVID-19 numbers have stabilized somewhat in recent days even as the state readies itself for the implementation of new, stricter measures aimed at controlling the spread of the virus. State officials announced a new stay-at-home advisory and mask order along with what amounts to a restaurant curfew on Monday in response to...

  • Boston November 2, 2020 11:34 pm

    Walsh: ‘No Reason to Believe There's Cause for Concern' in Boston on Election Day

    Boston Mayor Walsh urged people to be respectful at the polls on Election Day, but said “we have no reason to believe there’s cause for concern,” even as some business owners have begun boarding up their windows in anticipation of potential violence or vandalism. “We’re all cautiously optimistic that Election Day will be incident free,” he said. “There’s a...

  • Boston October 30, 2020 4:47 pm

    Boston Considers Pausing Indoor Dining, Reducing Gathering Limits

    Boston is considering pausing indoor dining and reducing indoor and outdoor gathering limits due to a continued spike in coronavirus cases in the city, according to the Boston Globe. The paper said Marty Martinez, Boston’s chief of health and human services, announced at a virtual roundtable Friday that the city is considering a two to three week pause on...

  • coronavirus October 1, 2020 8:10 pm

    As Mass. COVID Cases Spike, Fears Rise Over Second Surge and New Shutdown

    As cases climb in Massachusetts, some public health experts are sounding the alarm about what they believe should be done to avoid a second surge. Without more restrictions on gatherings and indoor dining, some fear the state could be headed toward another shutdown. At one point Massachusetts was seeing less than 200 cases a day, but in recent days, that…

  • coronavirus July 7, 2020 11:36 am

    Massachusetts Reopening Plan: What's Open and Closed?

    The first step of Phase 3 of the state’s 4-phased reopening started Monday, including gyms, fitness studios, movie theaters, museums and outdoor venues. Gov. Charlie Baker hasn’t said yet when the next stage of reopening will begin, but he has said all along that he wants at least two weeks of new data between each stage. That would put...

  • coronavirus July 2, 2020 10:49 pm

    Now We Know When Phase 3 of Reopening Mass. Begins. Here's What's in It.

    With Massachusetts’ coronavirus metrics vastly improved over the last few months, the state is ready to move to its next phase of reopening. On Monday, July 6, Phase 3 will go into place for everywhere in Massachusetts except Boston — which will join the rest of the state one week later. Gov. Charlie Baker made the announcement Thursday, noting that…

  • coronavirus June 26, 2020 10:24 am

    A Simple Guide to What Businesses Are Open and Closed in Massachusetts

    With four phases to Massachusetts’ reopening plan — some of them with multiple steps — figuring out what businesses are open and closed can be a bit difficult. To clear up some of that confusion, we’ve compiled this nifty chart showing which industries are open as part of phases 1 and 2 and which ones remain closed and won’t reopen…

  • coronavirus June 25, 2020 12:09 pm

    What's Open and Closed in Massachusetts?

    The second step of Phase 2 of the state’s 4-phased reopening started Monday, including indoor dining, increased office capacity, tanning salons, tattoo palors, personal training, massage therapy, hair removal and hair replacement. Retailers are now also allowed to open fitting rooms by appointment only. Now that restaurants, offices and retail have all officially been allowed to open, the question is…

  • coronavirus July 2, 2020 1:06 pm

    When Will Phase 3 of Reopening Begin in Mass.?

    UPDATE (July 2, 2020): Gov. Baker said Phase 3 of Massachusetts’ reopening plan will begin Monday, July 6. Now that restaurants, offices and retail have all officially been allowed to open, the question is when Phase 3 of the reopening of the Massachusetts economy will begin. The second step of Phase 2 of the state’s 4-phased reopening started Monday, including…

  • Massachusetts June 22, 2020 8:07 pm

    Indoor Dining Resumes as Massachusetts Enters ‘Phase 2, Step 2' of Reopening

    Three months after shuttering their doors due to the coronavirus pandemic, restaurants in Massachusetts are being allowed to reopen Monday as the state continues to ease restrictions as it seeks to safely reopen its economy. Gov. Charlie Baker on Friday announced the state would enter the second step of Phase 2 of its reopening plan, which also allows for close-contact…

  • Massachusetts June 22, 2020 4:32 am

    Indoor Dining, Nail Salons to Resume Monday in Mass. as Reopening Continues

    Restaurants in Massachusetts will be allowed to serve customers indoors beginning Monday, and other business are preparing to reopen, as the state eases more regulations amid the coronavirus pandemic. The loosened restrictions are part of the second step of Phase 2 of Massachusetts’s 4-phased reopening plan.  Gov. Charlie Baker announced Friday that restaurants will be allowed to offer indoor...

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