5 Day Heat Wave Ends With Earl

Mass.Gov has Excellent Info on New England Huricanes & Hurricane Preparedness (Just in case)

The National Hurricane Center has Shifted a Tiny Bit East with Earl Tonight.

Sunday Note to Colleagues:
  Hello NECN Storm Team

This year we have lost more beach on the Cape and Island's than any other single year since at least 2007, if not 1991.

Now Hurricane Earl may bring another Ocean Pounding to Cape Cod and the Islands Friday or Saturday, September 3, or 4.

Many houses on Nantucket have lost hundreds of feet of yard, andnow sit within a few feet of the sandy cliff and the Atlantic Ocean.
This storm may push some homes over the edge.

I volunteer to report from Nantucket during this storm.
The best bet maybe to get a truck over there Thursday, and stay untilSaturday or Sunday. Of course this may all be unneccessary if the storm track shifts east.

This set up may be similar to Hurricane Edouard on  September 2 1996. Edouardpassed 60 miles southeast of Nantucket Island with wind gusting to 90 mph.
My attempt to get from Harwich to NECN that Sunday afternoon failed.
It took me4 hours to go from Harwich to the Canal. The same kind of traffic couldbe expected if Earl closes on on such a beautiful beach week.
The next best location may be the cliffs of Truro, Wellfleet, or Plymouth.

Standing by from Cape Cod,  (and Nantucket.. back to the 17th century.)
Your SurfSkiWeatherMan, Tim Kelley

Saturday Post:
We have not reached 90 since August 19th, the longest 'cool' period this summer. Now we have 90 Sunday-Weds, then both a front from Canada, and Hurricane Earl, close in on New England.
   The Question is- Does a front from Canada arrive and kick Earl out toSea to our East? Or does Earl wait for the front to come and go, thenpounce on New England?
  It sure will be interesting. We will not have a reliable forecast for a few days. So we have to be ready for both.. a nice Labor Day Weekend, and/or Hurricane Earl, that way we are prepared for both. Earl kinda reminds me of Edouard, Labor Day Weekend 1996.
The most reliable forecast we have is issued by The National Hurricane Center.
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