Winter Part 3 Whips Into New England

 How can the temperature in Manchester New Hampshire drop from 61 3 pm Friday February 18, 2011 to29 by noon Saturday? The answer is Cold Air Advection (Cold Wind), the rapid temperature drop blew in. Preceded by (another) unusual Mid-Winter Night Thunderstorm(Convection) Outbreak. The Warmth and T.Storms, were cuased by low pressure in EasternCanada. The wind is caused by The Eastern Canada Low, combined with Western Canada High Pressure. The pressure gradient caused severewind gusts as high as 74 mph in Worcester Massachusetts.  This wind knocked down trees from New England to the Mid-Atlantic, including theNational Christmas Tree in Washington DC. This is new cold wind is similar towhat happened November 24th (winter part 1) and again on January 3rd(winter part 2).
  Now we are at the beginning of winter part 3 for NewEngland. That  recrod warm, 60 air, was the first since November 23, 2010, and thenext 60 is not likely in the next 10 days. In fact we have the firstsnow in 10 days, and another Frigid Tuesday on the way. But thisTuesday chill is not going to rebound like last week.
  Did you here about the 123" of snow at Alpine Meadows CaliforniaTues-Fri? This is from a deep trof (trough) on the west coast which hasnow split, part of the trof is roaring into the plains with Blizzardconditions in South Dakota and Minnesota. The other part of the trof isbacking into the pacific ocean, in perfect position to send anotherstorm across the United States later this week. This puts us back intoa two a week storm pattern, with the renewed pattern of 'a storm, orstorm threat every 3-5 days' for the foreseeable future. And, for themost part, we are on the cold side of the fron. But just like thefirst  6 weeks of 2011, the storms may track over New York, with a rainsnow mix for New England, followed by a refreeze as the storm pullsout. Canada is loaded with cold again, and the pacific is loaded withstorms.
  The first storm of the week is the remnant of the California toMinnesota snow, this system is weakening rapidly as it races south ofNew England Monday morning. This is enough oomph for a quick 3" of snowfor Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island, maybe a bit moretoward New York City and on Cape Cod. Ski area miss this one. Thoughthe storm weakens Monday, it strengthens over the ocean Monday night andTuesday. That means we all get the big wind, perhaps damaging again,and chill Tuesday. Then two beauties Weds & Thurs with light windand seasonable temperatures. The next storm should be stronger and warmwith heavy snow for Northern Ski areas on Friday, a cold mix elsewhere.the new cold and wind Saturday, and another wintry mix Sunday as Marchroars in like a Lion.
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