Worcester Residents Battle the Elements

(NECN: Kenneth Craig, Worcester, MA) - Battling the elements, Worcester residents hit the streets Friday morning facing yet another round of winter weather.

"Apparently this is is the most snow that we've ever gotten in January," Worcester resident James Hubert said.

There have been three storms in just the last two weeks.

First -- a blizzard that dumped 22 inches on the city, then Monday brought seven more inches. Now, more than half a foot.

The back to back storms have many counting down the days to better weather. "I really prefer the nice warm 80 degree weather to snow,"
Martha Sullivan said.

And so residents - again - dug out.

''I don't know where to put the snow anymore. It's - yeah - it's a lot. I don't know. what can you do? Just gotta keep shoveling it out or you get a ticket," Martha Grogan said.

Most schools across Central Massachusetts closed for the day, as the weather turned the morning commute into a headache for many drivers.

"They're in pretty rough condition. Kinda tough to keep up but we make one pass come back the other direction and it's already pretty much built up again," said plow driver Ray Tremblay.  "So it's as far as you can go and turn around and come back it's gonna be done again."

This storm was quick moving.  By afternoon it was as if it never happened.

Not everyone's complaining. "It's the territory. If you live around here you gotta expect it. Four seasons. Love it. Both of us love it,"
Francis Burke said who spent the morning out walking his yellow labrador.

Love it or hate it, it seems the snow's here  to stay with extreme low temperatures in the forecast and another storm on it's way.

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