Milder Temperatures, Sunshine to Kick Off the Work Week

A random shower or pop-up thundershower in the afternoon is possible

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We all know they’re fleeting, but milder temps headline the next two days. Highs will leap to the mid-70s with plentiful sun and a steady southwest breeze. Humidity will be tolerable, but also somewhat noticeable. Weak impulses rippling through the jet stream could also mean a random shower or pop-up thundershower in the afternoon – especially Monday.

These impulses in the jet stream are rotating around a much larger upper level storm system. This system is also trying to scoop up Ian in the Western Caribbean. Try as it may, the upper system is fighting a losing battle – Ian just isn’t far enough north to be captured. And by the time it gets north (to Florida), this upper system will be long gone. So what becomes of Ian? Great question. If there’s nothing to steer the storm, it could stall in the Southeast and bring torrents of rain to several states. This is the forecast conundrum in the coming days. How much flooding would we see in the South, and how soon until the remnants reach New England?

The answers may not come for another couple of days. What IS known is that by the time Ian reaches us, there isn’t likely to be any major threat. We will watch for any flooding rain in downpours, however. Again, time will tell on how this plays out. In the meantime, enjoy these summer bonus days.

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