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Andrea Brings Flooding Concerns to Peabody, Mass.



    Andrea brings flooding concerns to Peabody, Mass.

    Area is historically prone to flooding; city officials are optimistic but realistic, too (Published Sunday, Feb. 2, 2014)

    (NECN: Lauren Collins, Peabody, Mass.) - If you've been around Peabody square long enough, you've been through it before.

    "We've seen a lot.  Some very bad ones," recalls Alan Forbes, the owner of Sports Collectibles on Peabody Square.  "The worst being Mother's Day some years ago. That was a real bad one we were closed for about three days."

    And then there were those back to back floods a few springs ago.

    "Lost three days one week, lost two days another week," recalls Barber Shoppe owner David Serpa of the 2010 storms.

    When it rains, it pours on the Square in Peabody, Mass. The area historically prone to flooding hasn't been under water in nearly two years but Forbes worries that luck is about to run out. The prognosticators over at the Barber Shoppe are a little more optimistic.

    "You can just tell by the way it's raining. I don't think it's gonna happen," says Serpa.

    His customer, Jerry Swindell, agrees.

    "Three inches around here today, that's enough. Western Massachusetts is gonna get more than us."

    "Five, six inches all at once in a couple hours, that's when it happens," says Georgetown resident Sean Byrne.  "This time, you might have some local flooding but it's not. Gonna be like, close the square, I don't think."

    City officials are optimistic, too, but also realistic.

    "DPW crews are clearing out the storm drains on Foster Street in the downtown area," says Fire Captain Jay Downing.  "Ourselves, we have a bunch of pumps for flooded basements."

    Forbes already has pumps for his basement but hopes he doesn't have to use them.  After all, the Bruins could sweep the Penguins tonight.

    "We have our t-shirts and hats coming in on Saturday morning and we hope there's access to the store, so we'll see what happens."