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Boston EMS Extremely Busy in Record Heat



    Boston EMS extremely busy in record heat

    Dept. Supt. Joe O’Hare said they usually respond to 300-350 calls in 24 hours, but they had already passed that number with 8 hours left in the day (Published Thursday, Feb. 20, 2014)

    (NECN: John Moroney, Boston) – It’s a hot day in Boston and all of New England.
    NECN’s John Moroney was with some workers checking on people at high risk in this extremely warm weather.

    This hot weather is a huge health concern and a very, very busy time for the men and women of Boston EMS.

    By Friday 4 p.m., they said they had responded to 300 different calls for assistance. That’s something they typically respond to in a 24-hour period. And there’s still a long, hot night ahead.

    They have additional crews out on the streets of Boston. Twenty-seven different ambulances will be out there to respond to any kind of emergency.

    Joe O’Hare, Dept. Supt. of Boston EMS, says on a normal day, they do between 300 and 350 calls. They had already reached that limit with another eight hours to go before the end of the day. He said they’ll easily top 400 calls on Friday.

    O’Hare has doing this for over 20 years in the city of Boston, and the groups most affected by this heat wave are the very young and the very old, which is why neighbors need to check on those people.