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Boston Preps for Yet Another Winter Storm



    Boston preps for yet another winter storm

    After mixed reviews on snow removal after the blizzard, Mayor Menino says plow drivers will be monitored more closely (Published Friday, Jan. 17, 2014)

    (NECN: Jackie Bruno, Boston) - Another snow storm is coming, and before it hits, Bostonians are grading their city on their blizzard clean up.
     “I would give them an A,” said Anne Lusk, who works in Boston. “They did a phenomenal job. They were clearing the main roads and were making sure the vehicles who were able to move around that the side roads were also treated but in a secondary manner. I’d give them an A."
    Still, even the mayor admits, there were some problems.
    “I was very disappointed in some of the side streets I saw on that Sunday as I rode around the city of Boston,” Mayor Tom Menino said.

    In fact, the city had to fire the private contractor hired to clean up Charlestown. People there told us their roads were a mess.
    Mayor Menino said they’ll watch the plow drivers more closely this weekend. They’ll use GPS devices to make sure they’re working where they’re supposed to.

    And while the mayor says they’re ready for whatever Mother Nature gives them, he is hoping for one thing.

     “I hope it’s rain,” Menino said.