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CT Gov. Malloy: We Are Ready



    (NECN/CNN) – Connecticut Governor Malloy held a news briefing at 4 p.m. at the State Emergency Operations Center in Hartford to address the state of Connecticut with updates on what residents should know about Hurricane Irene.

    Gov. Malloy urged the evacuation of low-lying areas. Residents can call 211 for information or visit this site for shelter information and other announcements regarding Irene. 

    Malloy said he won’t declare entire towns evacuate, but that evacuations should be handled on a street-by-street basis. Gov. Malloy doesn’t want to have a loss of life and does not want to put emergency services team members in harm’s way because someone did not heed the warning to evacuate an area in serious jeopardy from Hurricane Irene.

    The CT Governor also urged residents to realize that other states that have been battered by the storm experienced it during low-tide. Connecticut is set to receive the brunt of Irene during high tide, which could be a very serious difference. Malloy urges residents not to draw conclusions from watching low-tide beaches being battered on television.

    Malloy urges residents to watch television and listen to the radio as residents will be continuously updated on Irene.

    The Governor expects landfall of Irene somewhere between Stanford and Bridgeport.

    Be aware that flooding will take place. Plan for a long duration of rain and winds at high sustained speeds on Sunday.

    If you experience a loss of power, Malloy urges you not to charge your batteries from your car with the vehicle parked indoors.