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Change in Temperatures Causes Pipe Problems in Conn.



    Change in temperatures causes pipe problems in Conn.

    With warmer air following very cold weather, crews are dealing with burst pipes (Published Friday, Feb. 21, 2014)

    (NECN: Brian Burnell, North Haven, Conn.) - A school in North Haven, Conn. was pumping out after a pipe burst. It's a scene that's being repeated across the state.

    A passerby noticed water flowing out of the "Up or On the Rocks" bar in Hartford on Monday and called police. A pipe had frozen and burst upstairs, leading to a wet mess.

    As you stood outside the door you could feel cold air coming out of the building.

    In Brandord, on the shoreline, Forma Theraputics went on vacation for a couple of weeks. They apparently did not leave the heat on, and a fire sprinkler burst.

    Pictures from inside give you and idea of what happens when the leak starts during very cold weather and no one discovers it - ice covering furniture and equipment.

    The fire chief says this was just one of many water pipe breaks around town.

    "One in an assisted living place earlier this morning," said Branford Fire Chief Jack Ahern. "The ceiling collapsed on a patient ... it's ugly stuff."

    Monday's warm weather is actually a contributing factor to the breaks.

    "When it warms up, the pipes unfreeze, and there's cracks in them and they break," said Ahern.

    In North Haven, it was Ridge Road Elementary school getting the pump treatment. A one-inch water main burst in the basement, flooding the boilers.

    The school was checked Sunday afternoon and there was no problem. Come Monday morning, there was a big problem. There is no word yet on how long the school will remain closed.

    Despite Monday's 50-plus temperatures, the evening will bring back the deep freeze and that could mean more burst pipes.