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Cruise Ship Passengers Now Bahamas-bound



    (NECN: Tom Langford, Boston, Mass.) - As Hurricane Igor takes aim at Bermuda this Sunday, a number of cruise ship are making changes to stay out of harm's way.

    One of those ships, the Norwegian Spirit, left Boston today on what was supposed to be a Bermuda trip. But instead, they're Bahamas-bound. NECN's Tom Langford has more.

    The Norwegien Spirit backs out of Boston's Black Falcon Cruise Terminal, sailing to a destination it's passengers did not intend to visit.

    With Hurricane Igor bearing down on Bermuda -- the ship's orginal destination -- passengers arrived to find out their week long cruise is now going to Florida and the Bahamas.

    David Byrne said, its really great. Were really excited about it.

    The chips fall our way this time.

    He and his wife June are going away for their 30th anniversary.

    They spent the last few days nervously watching the weather.

    June Byrne said, we were very nervous. Actually last night, I told him, should we cancel? But we said, lets go for it!

    And they're glad they did.

    Others aren't quite so pleased.

    Passenger Ashley Vennes said, she is "very disappointed. Weve been the Bahamas, so we know what its like. Its nothing like Bermuda.

    Justin Turmel said, I wish we were going to Bermuda because Ive never been to Bermuda. Like Ive said, weve both been to the Bahamas. I guess were going to have to deal with it, you know.

    But most passengers are happy to stay out of the path of the storm.

    In the words of 82 year old passenger Chris Gussis, on a ship in the middle of a hurricane is no place to be.

    "Damn right! I want to hang around a little more!