Dozens of New England Roofs Cave in Under Heavy Snow - NECN

Dozens of New England Roofs Cave in Under Heavy Snow



    (NECN: Tom Langford) - There is still lingering concern all around New England about the treat of roof collapses. Dozens of roofs have caved in around the region.

    The latest one is in Chelsea, Massachusetts, where the ceiling of a flooring company came down after  9 a.m. The collapse is now affecting at least two other buildings nearby.

    The view from the back of number 911 Vernon Street in Chelsea, Massachusetts shows just how bad the damage is. When the roof of this flooring company collapsed, it brought the rear walls down with it. The fire chief says they're lucky the workers were out on a job at the time.

    "Absolutely" said Deputy Chief Bob Better. "Absolutely, because if someone was out in that back corner, they'd be dead."

    As it is, the collapse fell onto this house next door, and the 91-year-old woman who lives there had to be evacuated. Then, on the other side, firefighters took a look at this identical building housing a repair shop and taxi company and noticed cracks are beginning to form in the walls.

    It too was evacuated. An assessment shows that that building has to be shored up and that's also in danger of coming down," said Better

    "I kept hearing about it on the news, I didn't think it would happen so close to my house," said Carlos Calderon, who lives just across the street.

    He says the number of roof collapses across New England this week is just amazing.

    "I'm just hoping they clean the roofs of where I live right now, because I live under a flat roof too."