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Iowa Dam Bursts, Lets Loose Flood Waters



    (NECN/KCRG: Manchester, Iowa) - Torrential rains caused the waters of Lake Delhi to rise in recent days, culminating in a 30-foot-wide gap in its earthen dam releasing flood waters down the Maquoketa River.

    Sirens sounded in the eastern Iowa town of Hopkinton as water continued to flow from the failed dam Saturday evening. The lake's level has dropped as much as 45 feet with water flowing into the area below the dam.

    Water was surrounding homes in Hopkinton, a town of about 700 people. Officials warned that "significant losses of property" were likely.

    A meteorologist with the National Weather Service says areas below the dam will see an "initial wave from the sudden shot of water" caused by the dam's failure. That will be followed by a secondary crest as the high water above the dam made its way downstream.

    Video courtesy of KCRG. Material from The Associated Press used in this report.