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Long Winter Brings Baseball Blues to New England Schools



    Long winter brings baseball blues to New England schools

    Baseball seasons of College of the Holy Cross, Worcester State University could be delayed further due to another storm (Published Tuesday, April 1, 2014)

    (NECN: Colleen Bamford) - Mother Nature is throwing the 2014 college baseball season in Central Massachusetts a curveball.

    "No matter what schedule you send out to guys at the outset of the week is arguably going to be different," said Greg DiCenzo, baseball coach for the College of the Holy Cross.

    After starting its season down south, the Holy Cross baseball team returned to a frozen Fitton Field, forcing DiCenzo to give up home field advantage this weekend.

    "We were supposed to play at home against yesterday against Yale University," he said.

    Holy Cross has yet to play a home game on campus.

    The problem isn't snow on the ball field, but the frost line below the surface.

    Across the city, Worcester State University's baseball team is fielding the same problems.

    "Even if it's clear, the ground is frozen," said coach Dirk Baker.

    For now, Worcester State is practicing on the football field.

    But its games are still in jeopardy, both home and away.

    Baker says his team could miss as many as 10 games this year due to weather-related field conditions.

    Both Worcester State and Holy Cross will reschedule their conference games so they can get a complete season in the books.