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MBTA Suspends Mattapan Trolley Line



    MBTA suspends Mattapan Trolley line

    Joe Pesaturo says Mattapan is only issue; red, blue, green and orange lines are performing well in the stormy conditions (Published Friday, Jan. 17, 2014)

    (NECN) – What’s it like for public transportation in this storm?

    MBTA’s Joe Pesaturo is joining us on the phone. He says the big issue is with the buses, which are encountering the same challenges that any motorist would during this storm, especially during the height of rush hour.

    Pesaturo advises you to allow extra time if you are taking an MBTA bus on Friday.

    Preparation has paid off very well for the subway side. They have very few issues with the subway. The only issue, Pesaturo says, is with the Mattapan Trolley line. They suspended service and they are replacing it with buses. He says they can’t afford to take the chance of a trolley getting stuck in between stations.

    Pesaturo says the red, blue, green and orange line are performing pretty well in the stormy conditions.

    He suspects the roads will get better as the day goes on so buses will be able to adhere to the schedules and they should be able to restore service to the Mattapan Trolley Line.