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Man Struck by Lightning in South Boston



    (NECN: Tom Langford, South Boston) - Wild weather blew across the Bay State today. Storms brought heavy rain, lightning and strong winds. One man was struck by lightning in Boston.

    A man in his 50's is in the hospital in critical condition after he was struck by lightning at Castle Island in South Boston.

    The victim was near a gazebo that locals call "the Sugar Bowl" when he was hit by a bolt and went into cardiac arrest.

    Mark Murnane was in his car next to the causeway as the storm passed through.

    He said, "It was a regular storm. Heavy rain.  Lightning.  Thunder.  A regular storm.

    Bill Fitzgerald lives across the street.

    He agrees, the storm wasn't too bad, "It really didn't seem like that much."

    But says, he did think about someone getting caught in it out on the causeway.

    "I was worried about people being out here because it is an attraction. People do a lot of walking and running in this area."

    Police say, the victim was wearing running-type clothing.

    They also towed away a glass truck that they believe the victim had been driving.

    Fitzgerald says, it is common to see people running on the causeway, even in a rain storm.

    "Somebody being caught out there is hardly unusual, because hundreds of people run here every day."