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Many Believe Hurricane Earl Will Be a Bust



    (NECN: Tom Langford, Wellfleet, Mass.) - After a sunny start to the day, waves of rain have been sweeping into New England this afternoon.

    In downtown Hyannis, Massachusetts, they are packing up and boarding up.

    Last minute preparations for Hurricane Earl are underway, even though many think it's going to be a bust.

    Catherine Bean, one of the owners of Bella of Cape Cod, says she put up boards only as a precaution.

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    List of shelters.

    However, the storm is already having an effect down at the ferry docks, where it certainly doesn't look like the Friday before Labor Day weekend. Boats to and from the islands have been cancelled due to the storm, with the last trips made around noon. Back downtown, it's hard to find anyone who is concerned about Earl.