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New Englanders Busy Keeping Cool as Temperatures Climb



    New Englanders busy keeping cool as temperatures climb

    From spray parks to ice cream for lunch, people are finding ways to beat the heat (Published Thursday, Feb. 20, 2014)

    (NECN: Katelyn Tivnan) – The extreme heat is not making it easy for firefighters to do their jobs. Monday is day two of this early summer hot spell. Parts of Worcester County will likely see a heat wave when all is said and done.

    A haze over Worcester, Mass. on Monday is a good sign of just how hot the city is. As temperatures keep climbing, people are busy keeping cool.

    “It's hot out,” Cody Carter says. “Come down here to cool off, enjoy the sprinkler park.”
    The Greenwood Spray Park was a popular spot for parents and kids.

    Many of them who were eager to get out of the house had their toes in the water as soon as the park opened. Among them is Courtney Milligan, whose daughter has been waiting since this winter to go in.

    “She saw this when it was closed and has been dying to come in ever since,” Milligan says. “I tend to like it warmer... Doesn't bother me as much but I stand in front of the fan and move it around from room to room.”

    The heat also prompted many customers at Meolas in West Boylston to make a mealtime switch.

    “On my way to Stop and Shop and decided I had to have a little lunch first and this is my favorite lunch-- coffee health bar crunch frozen yogurt,” Rosemary Spillane says.
    “Well, ice cream seemed like the best idea today because it's just too hot,” says Marybeth Curnen.

    Olivia Curnen's ice cream tasted extra sweet Monday. She is celebrating a special occasion that a little heat can only help.

    “We decided to come here to cool off and celebrate the last day of school.”

    The hot day has Curnen happy to be out of class and looking forward to a fun summer.
    “I'm with it doesn't bother me it's been winter and winter is cold no one likes being cold heat is a nice change.”