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New Englanders Embracing Unseasonably Warm Weather



    New Englanders embracing unseasonably warm weather

    People are at the beaches, buying ice cream and enjoying being outside without a jacket (Published Thursday, Jan. 16, 2014)

    (NECN: Melissa Toupin) - Basking in the 80-degree weather is not typical for March, but people at Regatta Point Beach in Quinsigamond State Park aren't complaining.

    “Totally crazy. Can't get over it. Keep saying amazing,” said Stephanie Connors.

    As the temperatures climb, the crowds grow.

    By mid afternoon, the heat was too much for some to bear.

    These kids gave up on their sandcastles and took to the water.

    “Not too bad. Cool. They love it. Great day. How many Marches can you do this,” asked Dianne Mockus.

    Taking advantage of unseasonable weather, West End Creamery opened two-and-a-half weeks early. Last year, they didn’t open until April 1.

    “Busy all week. Good tips, and at night run around like crazy,” said Allie Kosciak.

    Manager Kosciak said the evening crowds are the most impressive with lines forming as soon as school gets out.

    And with more than a dozen flavors, she said the staff is ready.

    Juila Schaffer of Holden couldn't pass up the opportunity to enjoy a frozen treat.

    “Mint/peppermint patty here is so good. I was here yesterday, too.”

    Temperatures on several days this week have broken records, something many residents say they can get used to.

    “Beautiful, sunny, nice, enjoyable. It’s a great way to spend a day off,” said Alexander L’ecuyer.

    And while some say they have their concerns about getting too much good weather too soon, others say bring it on!

    “Hope it’s not a bad sign and pay price this winter,” Connors said. “After a terrible winter last year, we deserve it.”