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Snow Has New Englanders Dreaming of Warmer Days



    Snow Has New Englanders Dreaming of Warmer Days

    (NECN/WVIT: Seth Lemon) - You would have to run pretty far to hide from Mother Nature's back-to-back-to-back-to-back winter storms.

    "I was fed up with this in December," said Sue Chowaniec. "I'm not a snow person by any means, so this is just a little too much."

    Tuesday, as we welcome another blast of cold and snow, it's clear winter's icy grip is still clinging on tightly to New England and elsewhere around the country.

    "This is a bit more severe than other winters we've had. But at this point, a couple of inches isn't much to me," said Drew Kearns.

    Parking in cities like Hartford, Conn. has been a headache for residents. The constant snow means constantly changing parking regulations.

    A ban on street parking in the capital city started at 8 a.m., which means residents must get their cars off the street or risk getting towed.

    "We need the water, you could look at it that way. And it's kind of pretty when it snows," said Carol Caird. "It's a pain to drive in, but it's pretty."

    "It is New England, and it's expected. But it just gets to a point where you can't shovel it any higher. And, you know, I'm ready for spring. I'm ready," said Chowaniec.

    A slight warm-up is in sight though for later this week, though the incessant snowfall has some people planning an escape.

    "In a mountain cabin, snug by the fire, looking out at the snow," said Caird.

    "Florida," said Kearns. "Maybe Key West, out there."

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